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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Power of Prostitutes?

Since the shock of Governor Eliot Spitzer's public implosion yesterday, many on the Intertubes have been discussing the issue of prostitution, and whether it should or shouldn't be legal. Amazingly, to me, some have been bringing it up in the context of female empowerment. Ah, Hollywood, what hast thou wrought?

Trust me, those of the male persuasion. Klute was just a movie. The percentage of prostitutes who are beautiful, intelligent and enjoying the power they feel they have over men is quite small. Real-life prostitution is a different story. Drug addiction, broken dreams, sexual and physical abuse are much more common than our culture would have you believe.

As my husband and I were talking this morning, he said that he, too, thought prostitution should be legal, as it is in Las Vegas. I do see his point, because it is, from the man's point of view, a matter of "choice."

I hated to burst his bubble, but I had to ask him: Do you really think women who sell their bodies for sex have a choice? Do you really think that if you offered those Seven-Diamond women a chance at a better education and a professional career, they would all smile, toss their perfect hair and say, "Oh no, I'm just horny all the time. Nothing could be better than to have sex with anonymous men for money! Mmmmmmmm, yeah, baby!"

Didn't think so.

Prostitution is about power, but not about the power of women to "control their own bodies." It's about the power of men over women, and the still-inferior status of the female sex in our society.

We've got a long, long way to go.


Timmy B said...

Have him read this. Click on prostitution statistics. (there's a PDF file floating around I can't link right) Pretty grim stuff I'll warn you.

madamab said...

Thanks, Timmy B! :-(