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Friday, February 1, 2008

The Dream Ticket...

Nader/Bloomberg 2008! David Broder calls this team "A powerhouse combination of non-partisan idealism and megabillions!"


The dream ticket for me would be Gore/Dodd 2008. As usual, my candidates are not running. It sucks to be a leftie sometimes! But given our choices, I'd say that Clinton and Obama should put aside their differences and become as one.

Clinton/Obama 2008. What a landslide that would be! Her experience and toughness paired with his charisma and youth would be devastating. I feel that Hillary should be President, mainly because I like her approach much better, but also because she's already 60, and in eight years will be 68 - not a good age to be running for President from the VP slot. Barack, being only 46, will be 54 in eight years - still young and new, but now experienced enough to realize that "kumbaya" doesn't work in Washington (I would hope, anyway), and perhaps Americans, after eight years of seeing him in office, will no longer be swayed by rightwing allegations of his Super-Secret Muslim beliefs.

Seems like a good 16-year strategy to me, and the Giant Green Lizard knows...we're going to need at least 10 years to fix the damage the Deciderer has done to our country.

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