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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dumbest. Reason. Evah.

Let me just say that I think people should vote their preference, for whatever reasons they feel are important. Some reasons are based in fact, and some in emotion, as I think we all realize. But when Obamans start telling me that one of the fact-based reasons they are voting for Senator Obama is because the media won't be as mean to him as they will to Hillary, I just can't believe it.

Seriously, Obamans. Do you remember Al Gore, perchance? How we shouldn't vote for him because he sighed and wore earth tones and was not a Real Authentic Guy? And also how he invented the Internet and was a serial liar and...

Okay, maybe that's too far back. How about 2004? Ah yes. The theory then was that our nominee, Senator John Kerry, a genuine war hero, couldn't be attacked by Bush on his war record. After all, our Commander Guy was snorting coke off coeds' backs during Vietnam! But what happened then? May I remind you Obamans where the word "swiftboating" came from? Add massive election fraud (covered up by the ever-cooperative traditional media) to the 24-7 campaign of the ironically-named "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" and...buh-bye, Senator.

And oh, what about my beloved Howard Dean? The guy got a little excited and the mikes were hot. The media played his scream over and over till Americans thought he was craaaaazzzzzy. Does that ring a bell?

I know the media has given Barack a pass up until now. Wake up, as Michelle Obama would say. That's because they WANT HIM TO BE THE NOMINEE. Why would they want him to be the nominee? Because they think he will lose to McCain the McMaverick. How can you not get this?

The utter lunacy of this argument would not bother me so much, except that it is symptomatic of the OTHER reasons people say they are voting for Obama. Even Ted Kennedy has drunk the Kool-Aid and is saying the Senator from Illinois is representing a "different kind of politics." Hey Ted, I'd love some specifics on how Obama's approach is so new and different. How about it?

[cricket cricket cricket]

The fact is that Obamans do not understand who the enemy is. They think it's some amorphous, personless entity called "politics," or perhaps the dreaded "partisanship." It's not.

Politics and partisanship are merely tools in the hands of PEOPLE. People are the problem - specifically, REPUBLICAN PEOPLE like President Bush and his cronies, who are doing everything they can to turn back the New Deal and foment permanent war for profit and resources. Say what you will about Democrats, but I will guarantee you that if they had been in charge for the past 8 years, not one single Bushian disaster would have happened. 9/11? Preventable. (No excuse, of course, for Afghanistan and Iraq without 9/11.) Breaking of the levees during Katrina? Preventable. Collapsing of infrastructure? Preventable. But the sociopathic Republics were too busy lining their pockets and drowning government in the bathtub to care.

By the way, Barack - how does it feel to have said you'd consider Arnold Schwarzenegger for your Cabinet, only to have him endorse John McCain? Get used to that pain in your back. You're going to be feeling it again and again - from REPUBLICANS.

Senator Obama is campaigning as if all difficulties, including the extremely obvious and well-documented anti-Democratic bias in the traditional media, will simply melt when he turns the heat ray of his "new kind of politics" on them. I don't know if he believes his own propaganda or not, but as he says the same things over and over again, I have to take him at his word.

Obamans, however, have completely bought into the Senator's propaganda, and that is terrifying. Because it Will. Not. Happen. If "Barack Hussein Osama/Obama" is the nominee, the media and the Republics will be only too happy to "swiftboat" him 24-7 with accusations of his being a Muslim, while constantly fellating McMaverick as the best, most independentest, most reasonablest candidate EVAH. They will attack Hillary Clinton with equal ferocity, and would have done the same to John Edwards.

Will the inevitable media blitz work? Will Americans elect a 72-year-old warmongering Republic who's joined at the hip with Mr. 30%? I certainly hope not. But please, do not insult my intelligence by saying it's not coming. Any Democratic nominee had better get ready for a shitstorm of epic proportions. And if that nominee isn't ready, it will be that much worse for him or her.

Dumbest. Reason. Evah.


Southern Beale said...


Flying Junior said...

What a rockin' post!

I don't think that all of Barack's overtures to the other party are going to translate into very many Republican votes. If he feels called upon to go out of his way to say that he might pick Arnold, that shows that something is seriously wrong. Instead of aiming for the center, let's try aiming a little higher.

madamab said...

Thanks, folks! :-)

After Hillary's reaction to David Shuster's "pimp" comment, I have no doubt that at least ONE of our candidates is ready for what's coming. Let's hope Barack's people are paying attention.