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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Stoopid Primaries.

Our election system sucks.

As a resident of one of the most populous (blue!) states in America, I am currently powerless to choose among the full roster of candidates in my party. (Oh, Chris Dodd, why are you not among the top three!) Once a nominee is chosen, it doesn't matter whether I vote for that nominee or not. Then, the nominee has to run for an additional year, spending more and more millions that he/she has to somehow gather from whomever will give it. Finally, when I do vote in the election, my vote will not count and in some states, would be subject to massive election fraud. Pardon me for being a bit underwhelmed.

As Imaginary Preznit of the United States, I would enact these reforms:

1) One national election day. Instant runoff voting would serve the same purpose as the primaries. Election day would be a national holiday, and anyone who votes would get a bonus of some sort - $100 in the mail, a percentage point knocked off their taxes - you get the idea.

2) Stealing from Old Yurp - Election season is 6 weeks long and is completely financed by the gummint. No private donations allowed. Also, equal, free (paid for by gummint) media time. Each candidate gets the same amount of time and/or space to advertise.

3) Hand-counted paper ballots. I'd rather wait a couple of weeks to know the results of the election than be worried Chuck Hagel's voting machines will "shockingly" elect Republicans like him.

But since none of these things are reality right now, I hope those freaking Iowans do the right thing and listen to the Krug. We need a fighter - someone who will beat back the forces of Fascism once and for all.

It ain't Barack.


Anonymous said...
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Southern Beale said...

"Stolen money"? No, of course not. But it seems your definition of "stolen money" is a lot different from everyone else's.

Anonymous said...
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madamab said...

ah, broken ladder, you silly libertarian!

who is going to build your roads and clean your air and food for you if not the government?

if your system works so well, why hasn't it ever been implemented in the history of the world?

I have an idea. How about you and your fellow libertarians go move to an uninhabited island and set up your little paradise. Get back to me in six months and tell me how you're all rich, free and healthy.

Anonymous said...
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madamab said...

broken ladder,

If you want to read how a "free market" society really works, you can click here. (Hint: It's a disgusting morass of corruption, incompetence and suffering.)

As for the robber baron era versus the New Deal era, your level of ignorance about your own country's history is quite depressing. The New Deal was the only thing that saved us from becoming a third world country after the Republican Great Depression. It brought two-thirds of the country's elderly out of starvation. It ended the long bread lines. It created millions of jobs. It built bridges and tunnels. In short, it bettered society to an astonishing degree. How selfish you must be to think this was a bad thing!

No matter how much you try to convince yourself otherwise, "screw you, I've got mine" was not a part of the vision of the Founding Fathers. You show a fundamental lack of understanding of the principles this country was founded upon. That's fine, as long as you keep your selfishness and greed to yourself. But since the time of Raygun, selfishness and greed have been the trademarks of the Republican party, and the country is almost completely broken because of it.

That's why I said, why don't you all get together and try to found your own country. I'm tired of people who don't believe in government being in charge of my government. Put your money where your mouth is and come up with a better society than the terribly flawed one in which we live. That'll show all of us crazy socialists!

[cricket cricket cricket]

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Michael said...

The New Deal led to greatest era of across-the-board economic prosperity this country has ever seen. The Gilded Age led to . . . the Great Depression.

steve simels said...

Libertarians are people who staunchly resist any encroachment on personal freedom by the government on the premise that the private sector can oppress you more efficiently.

They are, in short, very silly. And wussies -- they're anarchists without the courage of their convictions.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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madamab said...

Good grief, broken ladder! You are a wordy guy, aren't you?

Look, Practical Libertarianism is an oxymoron, like "Jumbo Shrimp." There is no such thing, because Libertarianism assumes that everyone is always free to choose whatever happens in his or her life. Great! I choose to be born Korean and rich. Or, I choose to not have MS or any other hereditary disease. Or, I choose to be a six-foot supermodel. Or....It's simply ludicrous, and heartless as well.

Moreover, you are trying to dictate every aspect of how the government spends your money. It does not work that way. The government is not going to individually quiz every person and ask what he/she wants his tax dollars to go to. Do you have any idea how big (gasp!) the government would have to be in order to make that happen?

You really need to get your own blog where you can gather such support for your ideas as you can. You're not winning any converts here.


Anonymous said...
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madamab said...

broken ladder/Econ 102,

I tried to be nice to you, but that's it. I killfiled you at Eschaton for a reason. Your pompous, ill-informed maunderings make me very angry.

Sorry, but I am deleting your posts. As I suggested before, if you'd like to post lengthy diatribes on the evils of what you call "socialism," please get your own blog and write away. I'm sure your fellow Paulistas will all give you plenty of lurv and positive reinforcement.

But personally, I think you're a self-centered asshole who wants all the benefits of society but doesn't want to pay for them.

Buh-bye now.