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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What I Learned in 2007

2007 was a very tough year for many people - most recently and tragically, for Benazir Bhutto and her family. Still, I hope we can all learn something from our trials and tribulations. Here are some things I learned:

Political Lesson of 2007: Republics Really Are Bent On Destroying America.

It's true. Since the Democrats took over and Congress suddenly began to take its oversight power back, we've confirmed that the Republic Party is nothing but a criminal enterprise dedicated to its own enrichment and continuance. They're willing to wiretap every American; allow terrorist attacks to go unpunished; put cronies in charge of every regulatory agency; ignore the basic needs of our soldiers in the field and deny them proper care when they return from battle; lie repeatedly under oath to Congress; torture, render and kill hundreds of thousands; allow nuclear-armed foreign nations to degenerate into chaos while attacking weak nations for their resources; claim "no one could have predicted" the horrible effects of Hurricane Katrina; permit our food, medicine and consumer goods to become contaminated with toxins; refuse to take any action to prevent global warming from becoming irreversible; and hollow out the very structure of our government and our Constitution by pursuing the theory of the "unitary executive."

Why do they do it? In order to make a few bucks. THAT'S IT. Truly, these are the most venal, disgusting and repulsive criminals on the planet, and they must be driven out of power as soon as possible.

Personal Lesson of 2007: Appreciate What You Have, Even If You Can't Take Credit for It.

When we are born into this life, certain gifts come along with us. Whether the Giant Green Lizard or genetics have given us that je ne sais quoi, we all have something that makes us special. Yet it's all too easy for some of us (cough me cough) to discount our unique qualities because we didn't earn them, or to bemoan them because they are not what society prizes. Well, enough of that! This year, I vow to enjoy the things that make me madamab, and I hope you will too.

A very, very happy 2008 to all, and may it be a vast improvement over 2007.


Southern Beale said...

Why do they do it? In order to make a few bucks. THAT'S IT.

Well, I think the lure of power is very tantalizing to them. When they are in power they can not only make themselves a few bucks, but their friends and cronies, too.

But then, people call me a cynic ....

madamab said...

yes, they use power to make the bucks. the ultimate goal is the green, baby! and not the good kind, either...:-)

Anonymous said...
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