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Friday, December 7, 2007

57 Times.

That's the number of occasions upon which the Fascists in the Senate have used the filibuster.




The Fascists have decided upon a wonderful strategery. They know they were the worst Congress evah. They know they did nothing for six years. By all rights, 2008 should see great Democratic gains in both the House and the Senate and make 2006 look like a 50-50 election.

But not so fast! They also know that the traditional media can be counted on to make them look better, no matter what they do. So their game plan is: Filibuster EVERYTHING. Filibustering makes it impossible for the Democrats to do anything, since it is now clear that not enough Fascists are going to vote with them to get cloture (60 votes).

Once they have paralyzed the Congress, they can then point at the Democrats and say, "See? They suck just as badly as we did! There's no difference between the parties! Stay awaaaaaaaay from the polls! Booga booga booga terra support the troops!"

Up until very recently, the Democrats have not been complaining about Fascist obstructionism, which I believe was a poor choice from a political point of view. Most likely, they felt that it would make them look weak to say that they were being blocked by the opposition party. But today, I heard Senator Bernie Sanders say the words "obstructionism" and "oligarchy" with reference to the Republics. Bravo, Senator!

More like this, please. Americans need to know the source of the gridlock in Washington, and the press isn't telling us. Speak out, Congressional Democrats, and don't be shy. We need to hear your voices.

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