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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Horse Races

In the past couple of days, I have heard two separate TeeVee pundits explain the narrowing of the Republican and Democratic primary races thusly:

"One reason is that, you know, Americans want a horse race."

Could these Washington bubbleheads be any more repugnant?

Listen, you fools, you privileged, smug, sociopathic pieces of shit. Politics is not a sport, despite all the lovely useful metaphors you sling around to make us think we are rooting for our "team." It is the deadly, World War III, nucularly-serious business of deciding who we want to lead our country. And we know now, oh, we know down in the crevices of our souls that IT FUCKING MATTERS WHO'S PRESIDENT. If Al Gore had been allowed to become President in 2001, is there a human being (and no, Bush supporters do not count as such any more) who actually thinks that America in 2007 would be the same as it is now?

No, Chris Cillizza, and A.B. Stoddard, and all you other empty-hearted "experts," we out here in The Real World do not want a horse race. We are not betting on the results at the fucking OTB. We are fighting for the soul of our country, for the return of sanity and the rule of law, for peace, truth, justice and the American Way. We are genuinely divided, as we should be, over who will bring us back to those ideals we hold so dear.

What a sad commentary on our media; people who don't even understand these basic truths about politics are the ones being hired to Explain It All...


Southern Beale said...


Oh, honey. Have another glass of wine.

And by all means, don't watch "Hardball." The only way Chris Matthews knows to cover an election is as a ridiculous horse race. "Color commentary." I feel like I'm watching a football game or something.

The media is very good at covering *campaigns* because it's easy. They have campagin strategists and polls and campaign workers they can get on the horn.

But covering candidates is a different animal entirely. It involves doing icky things like research and trying to talk to people who may not want to talk on camera. It involes leg work and time and effort and, you know, real reporting. Which the gasbag punditry like Chris Matthews is unable to do because they aren't reporters, they're just face candy with a teleprompter.

madamab said...

You're so right - I don't watch Matthews for EXACTLY those reasons! He is a total slimeball.

By the way, the MIC must have a strange idea of what "face candy" looks like. More Olbermanns, please! :-)

Dirk Gently said...

incidently, when i'm at a horserace i don't want it to be close.

i want my horse to win. the only ones who want it close are the announcers and the also-rans.