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Monday, December 17, 2007

FISA Law Debate Begins Today...

The Democrats in the Senate feel confident that they can gain the 60 votes needed to beat the Fascist filibuster against debating the temporary FISA law passed last summer at the last minute. But there are more hurdles to jump after that.

Senator Chris Dodd has vowed to filibuster any bill that contains immunity for telecom companies that illegally spied on Americans for the Bushies. (Note: Senator Dodd's website has many links and updates on today's action, including the ability to reward him for good behavior.) In addition, there are several amendments that may be considered, and even if an acceptable version can be passed, the House bill must be reconciled with the Senate bill.

I don't believe the telecom companies should be given retroactive immunity for their data mining of Americans. Although it is unclear what exactly they did, since the White House is withholding that information as per usual, it seems obvious that they wouldn't be asking for immunity if they didn't do something illegal. It's like when your child won't tell you what he did to the living room walls unless you first promise that he won't get punished. It's a sucker deal if I've ever heard one.

I also don't believe that the FISA law needed any more "fixing," except to make it more restrictive than it has been. If nothing can be agreed upon by both houses of Congress, the old FISA law will be reinstated. Since the Fascists feel that the more lying and spying Bush does, the "safer" we all are, the failure of the new legislation might be the best outcome for all of us.

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