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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dear Nancy, Please Set the Table.

Ah feel yer pain, Madame Speaker. I know that you're worried that you can't stop the war while impeaching Bush. I know you think that the Democrats won't win in 2008 if you impeach him. I know you may have made a deal of some sort, or perhaps you know the effort will fail in the Senate and you don't want to lose.

But George Bush has been caught out, right there on the TeeVee. He has been lying, fearmongering and warmongering for 4 months about Iran and its "nucular" weapons program, which we now know they had discontinued FOUR YEARS AGO. Come on, Nancy, I'll give Bush a blow job myself if that'll get things going! (Of course, it may take me a while to locate the Presidential pee-pee. I have always maintained that he is anatomically incorrect, like a Ken doll. But I would consider it a small sacrifice for my country.)

And think about it: Weren't we all stunned at the Deciderer's rudeness when he refused to spend more than an hour at the recent Middle East peace conference in Annapolis? He must have been afraid that his secret knowledge about the lack of threat coming from Iran would slip out and *gasp* make peace more likely. We all know that the Rapture can't come that way, dammit!

So come on, Speaker Pelosi. Set the table. America is starving for it.


Candymarl said...


Dirk Gently said...

Well, she can't stop the war while he's in office, either. Might as well get ONE thing accomplished.

madamab said...

Well, she can't stop the war while he's in office, either.
dirk gently

As usual, I agree with you.

Flying Junior said...

The intelligence on Iran completely took the wind out of Bush' sails, but he stands amidship trying to keep the boat going with a battery-powered fan. Classic Bush logic. "Well, so they abandoned their nucular program! Who's to say they couldn't start it up again?" Diplomacy works better with all options on the table. Translate: If you don't capitulate to my demands without any discussion whatsoever, we will bomb your country. I think a case for incompetence could be made.

Bush leading a peace conference? This is a cruel joke and a waste of time.