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Tuesday, December 4, 2007


As my friend Ray says, Chappy Chanukkah!!!

Started the new Borg today - no access to the Internets. I did see last night, however, that Huckabee is now ahead of Romney and Rudy NineEleven in Iowa, although at least with Romney it's still within the margin of error. The "top three" Dems all seem to be deadlocked, with Obama now in the lead.

I'm still predicting Huckabee v. Edwards in '08. Oh, how I wish we had public financing of elections and a two-month primary, like in Old Yurp...


Southern Beale said...

Huckabee v Edwards? I was hoping Crooked Rudy would get the nomination. Come on, can't we have Rudy v Edwards?

Dirk Gently said...

i was hoping for ron paul vs dennis kucinich.

but then, as you know, i am a crazy optimist.

ckhappy ckhahnackha to you too!

madamab said...

sorry folks, I calls em as I sees em.

I've said for months that Rudy will not make it past the primaries. as fun as it's been to watch his disintegration and humiliation, I think he's done.

and dirk, I don't think Paul has the remotest iota of a chance, although Paul v. Kucinich would be an AMAZING campaign. :-)