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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Giuliani and Robertson: Pehfect Tahgether?

Wow, one opportunistic, amoral thug who makes his money and reputation off of someone else's achievements is supporting his twin in the secular world, Rudy NineEleven!

I suppose that Robertson's support may drag a few Christofascists over to the Giuliani side. But I've been saying for years that New York's Nosferatu will not make it through the primaries. Why? Thanks to years of recruitment, the right-wing evangelicals are the ones that determine the Fascist candidate. And they are not too pleased with teh Rudy, since he actually feels a woman should have the right to choose what happens to her own body.

Still, supposing the race doesn't turn out to be Huckabee vs. Edwards, as I think it will be when the dust clears. Suppose the media is right for the first time in a long time, and suppose the two candidates are Hillary and Rudy. I've got the perfect ad for Hillary. Check it out!

No charge, Hillary!

1 comment:

Dirk Gently said...

Nice poster!

Along the same lines, Xian fundamentalists Paul Weyrich and Bob Jones III have endorsed Mitt Romney.

Politics sure do make strange bedfellows. Especially Republican politics.