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Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Myth of The "Good" Republican

It seems like a pertinent question these days: Are there any "good" Republicans left? People who put the interests of their country over the interests of their party? People like the Republicans who voted to impeach Richard Nixon, for example? People who I would not lovingly refer to as either "Republics" or "Fascists?"

In my opinion, if such a creature exists in 2007, he or she has met the following criteria:

1) Fired by the Bush Administration;
2) Changed parties to either Independent or Democratic; and/or
3) Made public statements condemning the Deciderer as the Worst. President. Ever.

There are a few people I can think of that meet these criteria - James Comey, formerly of the Justice Department, who has testified in Congress to the misdeeds of Alberto Gonzales, comes to mind - but for the most part, my answer to this question is no.

In my fantasy world, anyone who is currently both a Republican and a supporter of George W. Bush would be banned from political participation. Perhaps we could offer them some sort of rehab; something to awaken their empathy, like having their spouse waterboarded, or rendering them to Syria for months of torture, or sending them to Iraq or Afghanistan to suffer loss of life or limb...but until they show they are actual thinking and feeling members of the human race, no politics for them!

Unfortunately for moi, no one has elected me Queen of the Universe yet. So for now, we must deal with the fact that many Americans still believe that there are Good Republicans out there, one of whom is the bloody but unbowed Colin Powell.

On the campaign trail, Senator Hillary Clinton knew her audience when she said this:

"I have said I won't even wait until I'm inaugurated, but as soon as I'm elected I'm going to be asking distinguished Americans of both parties -- people like Colin Powell, for example -- and others who can represent our country well, including someone I know very well," Clinton told the predominantly black audience after receiving the endorsement of dozens of South Carolina ministers.

Contacted by ABC News' Teddy Davis, Gen. Colin Powell was tight-lipped Tuesday when asked if he is open to Clinton's invitation.

"I have not seen what she has said. I don't know the context of it," Powell told ABC News. "I have admiration for Mrs. Clinton but I have no comment."
As usual, Senator Clinton is looking ahead to the general election. She knows that, despite the fact that Republics have almost completely destroyed America by being loyal only to their party, Americans still want to believe that our existing two parties can get along and accomplish great things together. Hence, the great success of Barack Obama's campaign, based on the "Can't we all just get along?" concept.

As Brian Griffin said on the show Family Guy, "Undecided voters are the stupidest people on the planet." I would change that to "the most uninformed." But alas, our Fourth Estate no longer informs the people. We have "news" networks and talk radio personalities that exist for the sole purpose of promoting right-wing propaganda. Even our most trusted newspapers and magazines print blatantly erroneous information that benefits Republics. Is it any wonder, then, that the myth of the Good Republican refuses to die?


Southern Beale said...

All of the "good" Republicans are now Democrats.

madamab said...

Indeed! That's criterion #2! :-)