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Monday, November 19, 2007

Giuliani Scares Me - And I'm Not the Only One

My "I Told You So" alert is at RED, baby!

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Republican Rudy Giuliani vows to be tough on terror, chooses advisers who want to bomb Iran and doesn't think pretending to drown prisoners is torture.

Add to those views a reputation for being combative, and Giuliani often evokes the word "scary" from opponents who find the tough-guy image that served him so well after the September 11 attacks now a cause for concern as he seeks the U.S. presidency.

Type the word "scary" and names of Republican candidates for president into a leading database of articles. The name of the former New York mayor will get the most hits.

"He is a scary guy," said Jerome Hauer, who ran the city's Office of Emergency Management for Giuliani. "He was probably one of the more divisive mayors the city has ever seen.

"People in this country should be very frightened of Rudy because he is not going to bring the country together," Hauer added. "Who knows who he'd pick wars with?"

Even the evangelicals understand that Giuliani is terrifying; that's why he's behind Huckabee in Iowa and New Hampshire.

I can't wait to see this Fascist humiliated. He is a truly vicious and unprincipled man, and would be even worse than Bush when it comes to cronyism and warmongering.

I really think the wingnuts are going to pick Huckabee. Jeebus make it so!

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