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Monday, November 5, 2007

Mukasey Opposition Action Day!

A very short post today (I figure I'm due):

Although the media is claiming that Judge ("Waterboarding/Unitary Executive Good") Mukasey is all but confirmed, the vote has not taken place yet. It will take place this Tuesday, so until then, our Democratic Senators can be persuaded to change their minds.

Here is a link to a form where you can email and/or call your Senators to let them know that Mr. Mukasey is completely unacceptable as an Attorney General. At first, he appeared to be a vast improvement over Gonzalez, but on the second day of his hearings, he revealed that there was a true Bush Lackey hiding under that semi-independent exterior.

The Justice Department has been the source, and the sustenance, of all the Bush Administration's anti-Constitutional, illegal actions since he took office. If we are to get any justice at all during the last days of this horror called the Bush Administration, we need a more independent Attorney General. Let your Senators know how you feel about Mukasey. At least we can try to make our voices heard.

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