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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It's a Big Day in Congress.

The Mukasey confirmation vote in the Senate and the Kucinich Impeachment Resolution of Dick Cheney in the House are both supposed to be put forward today.

Let me be clear about my feelings on Mukasey. I have no doubt that, as Senators Schumer and Feinstein are saying, George W. Bush could recess appoint someone "worse" than Mukasey if the Judge is not confirmed. Indeed, the mind boggles at some of the horrendous Bush cronies that could be foisted upon the American people. Ted Olson, for example. [shudder]

But politically speaking, the American people know that if Bush can't get a nominee past Congress, he has lost. Even though Bush forced John Bolton in as Ambassador to the U.N., Bolton had no credibility because we all knew that even the Fascists did not want him to represent our government. It follows that if the Democrats oppose Bush completely on his nominees for AG, they will have won the war, even if they lose the battle.

Standing up to Bush is a political winner. Period. A President with Nixonian approval ratings should not be seen to have the least bit of support for any of his initiatives from the opposition party. Such support gives the mistaken impression that our representatives agree with Bush and are no different from him. Unfortunate indeed, since the Democrats' very slim majority - and the Fascists' united support of their Dear Leader - often leaves them with only bad or worse choices, such as fighting the semi-rational Mukasey or getting an even more corrupt and enabling AG appointed during recess.

I'm not saying that some of the Democrats aren't Fascist lite - I believe that the ones that vote consistently with Bush, such as, for example, Al Wynn from Maryland - actually are. But don't the majority of Democrats know by now that if they give Bush anything he wants, whatever good intentions they may have, they will be perceived as enablers?

Better to fight the good fight and lose, than to be seen as a Vichy Democrat by your supporters. The Fascists have known this forever. In this one instance, we would be well-advised to learn from our enemies.

UPDATE! Dennis Kucinich's resolution to impeach Dick Cheney has gone to John Conyers and the Judiciary Committee. Stay tuned to the Internets - no coverage will appear on your teevee (unless you watch Keith Olbermann of course...)

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