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Monday, November 12, 2007

On Veterans' Day

This weekend, as I was watching the TeeVee, I was struck by how many happy shiny people are SO EXCITED about Veterans' Day. Why? Sales, baby! Nothing like Veterans' Day to bring out the bargains, right, Consumer - er, Citizen?

I wonder if this guy is looking forward to shopping at Macy's today?

Support the troops. Bring them home.

1 comment:

Flying Junior said...

I guess I shouldn't be so bummed about limping at the tender age of 48 years. I never forgot a rant from former San Diego radio personality, Scott (Scooter)Tempesta, regarding Bush' shameless photo-op jogging with two of these guys with prosthetic legs. Never mind the fact that they were permanently disabled by his Hitleresque war of conquest. He couldn't even remember their names. Scott was the first to get fired from one-time Air America and Nova station KLSD 1360 San Diego. They allowed our beloved Stacy Taylor to stay on a few more weeks. Now that voice is silenced. Today you tune in sports gab. Right before an election! Screw Clear Channel.