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Monday, September 10, 2007

The "Report" Formerly Known As Petraeus

General David Petraeus (if that IS his real name!) testifies today instead of September 11th, as was intended by Fear and Loathing, Inc. He will be giving the party line on the escalation, pretending that it is "working." And that will be the end of the much-ballyhooed excuse for Bush and the Republics to roadblock on withdrawing from Iraq.

Unless Iraq became a functioning democracy last night, and the civil war and the insurgency have both ended, I don't see how the Bush Administration can claim "success" in Iraq on any front. We don't even have the oil we came to steal yet! Of course, the non-doctored GAO report that was recently leaked to the media showed that the occupation has been a complete disaster, and that the escalation did not give the government time to build consensus and calm down the population. Quelle surprise.

We took a country that, while run by a dictator, was functioning and hostile to Islamic fundamentalism - supposedly the greatest enemy EVAH! - and have converted it into a seething cauldron of sectarian violence and terrorism. Heckuva job, Bush!

This is the letter I wrote to my Congresscritters today:

I would like to say that the American people are with you, not with Bush, Petraeus and the Republicans. We support YOU and we want you to end this occupation immediately. Please, please use your power of the purse and do not give Bush any more money for Iraq. It is wrong, politically and morally, for one more person to be killed for oil, ego and a failed neo-conservative dream of American world domination.

The Democrats want to end the war, but many are afraid to take drastic measures to do so - such as shutting down any funds to the government until Bush and the Republics agree to a withdrawal date, or begin impeachment proceedings against Bush and Cheney. We need to send our representatives our support, to give them the strength to go further than anyone should have to go to end this war.

Reasonable measures do not work with sociopaths. It's time to swing the big stick.

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Dirk Gently said...

here we are, in sync again. i think we said the same thing, although my take was, perhaps, a bit more terse.