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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Blue Dog Scaredy-Crats: Courting the Media?

I'm still trying to figure out why some scaredy-Crats voted for the FISA legislation, and I'm wondering: Could it be that they are courting the media, not the voters?

I mean, we all know that American voters are far, far more progressive in the main than any of the Democratic candidates for President will allow themselves to be. But none of the Presidential candidates voted for the bill. So why didn't the turncoats take their cues from Hillary, Barack, Mike, Dennis and Joe? Who do the Bush rubberstamps think they're pleasing?

Perhaps they're very, very tired of the double standard they're constantly subjected to by the mainstream media, and they think that if they just become Republic enough, the MSM will like them. It's as if the Dems are back in high school and the media is excluding them from the cool parties with the booze and the smokin' babes (or dudes).

If this is their reasoning, it's a pathetic delusion. Memo to DINO's: The media hates you because you have a "D" after your name. They even take scandal-ridden Republics like Mark Foley and put D's after their names "by mistake" sometimes! There is nothing, NOTHING you can do to get into the cool party; you've got to become a Heather or be nerds for life.

Might as well start hanging out with We The People instead. You know, the folks you were elected to represent? We're kinda bossy, but we serve killer snacks.

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