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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Horror!

Rumors have been a-flyin' around the Tubes today. Who will the Deciderer try to use as a human shield - er, nominate as soon-to-be-indicted Attorney General Gonzales' replacement?

Several names have been floated as possibilities. Michael Chertoff (already discarded), Ted Olson, Orrin Hatch, George Terwilliger and Larry Thompson have all been suggested in the past 24 hours. But by far the most Machiavellian, the most horrifying candidate to me is this one:

A more intriguing pick, Sherrill said, would be Sen. Joe Lieberman, the hawkish Connecticut Democrat whose nomination would allow his state's Republican governor to appoint his replacement - wresting control of the Senate from Democrats to a tie between the two parties.
NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! That's strike one against the appointment of the Liebermonster as AG.

But let's not stop there. We all know that Lieberman is a full-blown neo-con. As their tender kiss demonstrated, he and the Chimperor are BFF's. To assume that Joementum would restore the Constitution and clear out the corruption from the Department of Justice would be a huge mistake. So the fact that he would be another loyal Bushie is strike two.

Finally, Lieberman has run for both President and Vice President in the past two elections. Obviously, he's a very ambitious man. If Dick Cheney resigns due to "health reasons" - which I continue to believe will happen - it would be such a bipartisan gesture for Bush to appoint the CFL Senator as his Vice President, would it not? And as the Huffington Post (and many others) reported, if there's anyone MORE anxious to bomb Iran than Dick Cheney, it's Holy Joe. Can you imagine him running on a pseudo-Unity '08 ticket with whomever is the Republic nominee, bringing his new status as VP to bear?


I can only pray that Bush will not nominate Senator Lieberman due to his lack of a Texas background. Otherwise, I think we would have a very uphill battle getting the Democrats to refuse to confirm Joe as AG.

The horror!

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