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Friday, August 31, 2007

No Sympathy

Perhaps I'm an unfeeling person, but I have absolutely no sympathy for Senator Larry Craig. I've noticed a lot of talk about how he really didn't do anything wrong, and how having sex in bathrooms should not be against the law, and how he's just an innocent victim of a sting operation.

Um, no.

Senator Craig was not a victim. This was not the first time he sought sex in a public restroom. He was even a suspect in the page scandal of 1982, 25 years ago.

This guy broke the law. An elected representative of the people should be held to the highest possible standards. Lawbreaking should be cause for immediate resignation, indictment and whatever punishment is appropriate.

Larry Craig said similar things about Bill Clinton, didn't he?

And yes, I know it must be very difficult to be an older, closeted gay man. But no one forced him to run for office. No one forced him to seek money and power by running on a platform of hatred and bigotry, supporting the so-called "Defense of Marriage" Act and fighting against labelling anti-gay violence as a hate crime. And no one forced him to break the law. He could have gone to a gay bar, used Craig's List, or met men in any of the other myriad legal ways available.

This man has climbed to the exalted position of United States Senator on the backs of his brothers and sisters in the LGBT community, causing needless suffering and anguish on the way.

He deserves whatever he gets.


Dirk Gently said...

now i'm almost sorry i offered him a way out.

shrimplate said...

Matyhew Shepard would have felt lucky to have been treated as well as Senaor Craig. Very lucky indeed.