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Thursday, August 9, 2007

What is Marriage and Why Do We Care?

In a groundbreaking move, six of the Democrats running for President in 2008 will be holding a debate solely on GLBT issues.

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton and her 2008 Democratic rivals will Thursday scramble for votes at an unprecedented presidential campaign debate devoted to gay and lesbian issues.

Six of eight Democratic hopefuls will gather in Hollywood, for a forum to be broadcast live and online by Logo, a gay and lesbian network spun off from MTV.

The event will highlight the fault line between Democrats who largely back broader gay and lesbian rights, and Republicans, who prefer to seek support of traditional 'family values' conservatives.

Clinton, her top challenger Barack Obama, former senator John Edwards, New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, long-shot Mike Gravel, and congressman Dennis Kucinich are expected to attend.

Republicans have no plans for a similar event.

Well, DUH! Of course you'll never see Republics doing this, since they are the manliest of the manly, the macho-i-est of the macho, and they smell like Right Guard and gun oil. Right, Ted Haggard? Bob Allen? Ad Infinitum?

Anyway, one of the main issues the Democrats will be asked about is the thorny issue of same-sex marriage. Most of the candidates (except for the wonderfully liberal Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel) have stated they support civil unions, but just won't say the words "marriage" and "gay" in the same sentence. The idea appears to be that religious institutions must wave their magic wands over civil unions in order to transform them into happy, non-threatening marriages.

But wait! My husband and I got hitched at City Hall. If we define marriage as only valid if sprinkled by God-Dust, Mr. madamab and I only have a civil union! Why are WE considered married, but not same-sex couples who get married at City Hall in some of our more enlighted states and cities?

I have an idea. Why don't we all get a clue and stop penalizing people for loving each other? Why don't we say that all civil unions have the same legal status as marriage, and let people add Jeebus, Yahweh, Mohammed and the Giant Green Lizard to their civil unions if they so desire?

In our country, we are supposed to be inclusive, not exclusive. The GLBT community has been very patiently knocking at the door for many years. It's time to let them in our house.

Sure, they might redecorate a little, but let's face it: we could use a makeover.