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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

By the Numbers in Pennsylvania

I am not too strong on teh mathemumatics, but there are many things that struck me as key in Hillary Clinton's primary victory over Barack Obama last night. Surprisingly enough, they all have to do with numbers. Let's check them out, shall we?


That's the amount by which Obama outspent Clinton in Pennsylvania.


That's the amount by which Clinton beat Obama despite his unprecedented advertising blitz.


That's the amount by which Clinton beat Obama in Scranton.


That's the amount by which white voters chose Hillary over Barack.


That's the amount of corporate media pundits who are being honest about the delegate and popular vote count. What about "they're not counting Florida and Michigan" do you not understand? Trust me, they know that the current count is bogus and that there is no way it will be viewed as legitimate by HRC's supporters. Perhaps that's why...

About 50%.

That's the amount of Hillary supporters who say they will not vote for Barack Obama. Holy fucking shit! (Please note that I'm not among those voters, but I deeply sympathize with their feelings.)


That's the amount of corporate media pundits who will now switch their allegiance from Obama to McMaverick McCaca McCain, their one and only true love, now and forever, amen. (It's already started this morning, although I predicted it yesterday on my new favorite blog, TalkLeft.) Say good-bye to your media darling status, Barack. I hope you enjoyed it. From now on, it's always good news for John McCain.


That's the number of big states that Obama has won over Clinton. And it was his HOME STATE. It's like Hillary winning New York - it's a gimme. In every must-win General Election state, she has beaten him by a handy margin.


That's the number of Obama voters who will riot at the Convention if the SuperDelegates choose HRC. Wake up, people, and stop being afraid of teh Blacks ZOMG!!!111!!!. Obama is a product. Do people riot in the streets if they can't get their iPods?

Here's why I'm sure about this. Before last night's primary, Obama supporters were calling Mayor Michael Nutter's office and excoriating him for his support for Senator Clinton. The good mayor of Philadelphia, who is African-American and hugely popular, was getting so much angry email from Obamans that he had to shut down his email address. Now, has anything happened to him? Of course not. They, like their candidate, are all talk.

A different question is: do I put anything past David Axelrod, Obama's campaign manager and the Democrats' answer to KKKarl Rove? Absolutely not. Yes, he could use the tried-and-true Republic tactic of paying people to cause a ruckus, like the "Brooks Brothers riot" in Florida that stopped the vote counting in 2000. But I ask you, what would be the point? Would an Obama-inspired riot convince the Democratic Party that they had made a mistake in choosing HRC? Would they stop the balloons and say "Oh, ha ha, just kidding. Our nominee is....Barack Obama!" Um, no. The point is intimidation. The point is terror. But when it comes down to it, there will be no action, because by that time, it will be too late.

In conclusion, if I were a Democratic SuperDee, I'd look at these numbers very carefully. Where are Obama's white votes? Where is his core Democratic support? And why do they think that Hillary's voters have had enough of Barack Obama? Could it be the misogyny, the thuggery, the lying, the foot-in-mouth-itis, the elitism, the lack of experience and follow-through? And why can't he close if he is the nominee?

By the numbers, it looks like a very bumpy ride for Senator Obama from now on.

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