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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Deadpan April Foolery from Hillary

A brief clue before you click, in case you missed this light-hearted Obama event: The Senator went bowling recently in PA, and let's just say, it, um, didn't go well.

Senator Clinton's oh-so-serious take?



Timmy B said...

Best not quit his day job.

Follow up for you to your Mom post. I've been trying to get all our "work" done and nurse me and mine from a nasty crud for months. I'd let the backyard slip really badly. I'm one of those FOGs that feel it's their obligation to do it themselves. It was so daunting to me I was getting quite upset. Then hey, it's work, subcontract! Three young guys came in and did a better job in 1-1/2 hours than I could do in 2 days. Aaaahhh. Thank you, thanks Ma.

madamab said...

A pro bowler, he is not. ;-)

I also like how Hillary is making fun of the media for making such a big deal out of Obama's lack of skillz.

As for you and your family - glad you're all feeling better, and that you finally delegated your backyard. Saves so much time, it's worth a little extra $$$!

Timmy B said...

Me no have sound at work, didn't get to hear her.

glad you're all feeling better

Not so much, but hanging in there. I just wanted to say thanks, it helped. I owe you one, but I may start charging rent on my melon haid