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Friday, April 4, 2008

The Death of Big Progressive Media

Guys, you blew it.

Air America - you went off the rails. Look what Randi Rhodes did in public. Urinating on herself would have been less embarrassing.

Daily Kos - you've become an echo chamber of ranting lunatics.

Talking Points Memo, Huffington Post, Buzzflash, AmericaBlog - you've become the I Hate Hillary show.

Keith Olbermann - why don't you just foam at the mouth a little more when discussing the presidential race? You and Tweety can spit at each other and compete to see who hates Hillary more.

You can't fix it now, as I understand some of you are belatedly, and insincerely, trying to do. It's too late.

We liberals once looked to you as an alternative to the ravings of Fox News and the relentless pro-Bush spin of the corporate media. Yes, we knew you had a bias, but we needed it, because we needed a dose of reality-based reality instead of Orwellian realish-ness.

At first, we visited and listened with joy. Finally, someone was telling the truth about warrantless wiretapping, torture, anti-Constitutional activities, stolen elections, and so much more!

But then, something changed. Slowly, each outlet picked a side in the Democratic presidential nomination; and amazingly, it was always the same side. Oh, some pretended they were objective, but it was blindingly obvious that progressive media had lined up 100% behind Barack Obama.

Even that would not have been so bad, but once you decided to love Obama, apparently, you decided to hate Hillary Clinton. I mean, really, REALLY hate her. Randi Rhodes was YouTubed saying what she said, but over the past several months, I have seen and heard so many things that are so much worse than that...relentless, non-stop poisoning of the well of public opinion against Hillary.

Let me repeat that.

The progressive media decided to bash, malign, smear and hate the possible Democratic nominee for President.

Now, in a rational universe, Hillary Clinton is a much better pick for liberals than John "McCaca" McCain for president. As I've pointed out many times, her progressive voting record is 91% - check it out on She was the only person in recent history to try to bring universal health care to the U.S., and deserves a lot of credit for the SCHIP program. I could go on and on, but let's get real. McCaca is old, incompetent and clueless, and determined to continue the disastrous policies of the Worst President Evah. We simply cannot afford him as President. CANNOT.

But apparently, as I've also pointed out, Obamans really do not understand who the enemy is. They really think that Obama is The One and Hillary is a horrible monster tearing chunks out of his beautiful saintly hide purely for the edification of her own unseemly ambitions. And once you've drunk that Koolaid, you must hold these beliefs, even if you are a progressive news blog, a progressive pundit or a progressive news/talk network.

No more do we hear about Bush and the various machinations of the Dems in Congress in their endless attempts to undo the damage he's done. No more do we hear about McCaca and how flawed he is as a candidate. All we hear is HILLARY LIED! HILLARY CRIED! HILLARY'S DEAD! WHY DOESN'T THAT BITCH DIE?

All I can say is, Big Progressive Media, you have completely lost it. You've lost all your credibility. You've lost listeners, readers and viewers, and you're going to lose more. Because now? Many of us are going to Fox News for balance (I won't do it myself, but many are). Yes, Fox News is less hateful to Hillary and more fair to both candidates than Big Progressive Media. What the hell is wrong with you?

I will never understand why, but you fucked us all over for the sake of Barack Obama and his sweet, sweet Koolaid. And if he's not the nominee, or if he loses the GE? Why, you'll blame evil monster Hillary - but by that time, will anyone care about you?

I sure hope that Koolaid tasted goooooood. Because you've proven the right-wingers right once again: the American left is fucking crazy. We don't even need them to destroy us; we've destroyed ourselves. In a year where we should have won the Presidency by a landslide, we might have handed the presidency to John McCain. KKKarl & Co. are chortling with glee at our puerile stupidity.

There is some good news. Already new and smaller media is rising to compete with the old, but they have an uphill battle against the Hillary Hatred that they are having a hard time winning. I have blogrolled some of them, and I hope you will check them out.

The next time we mount a concerted effort to fight with the Big Boys, we must focus our ammunition on enemy soldiers and stop using friendly fire on our own troops.

If not, Big Progressive Media in this country will always be doomed to die.


Timmy B said...

I take it you are feeling better.

I agree, it's really becoming distasteful. How about policy, accomplishments,philosophy, McSame? It's all getting old. It seems the Atrios people turned the volume down. You're not alone, go to "". (blogger won't let me linky)

madamab said...

Thanks, Timmy B. Yes, I'm better today. :-)

The Atrios folks turned it down, eh? Guess Eschacon was a wake-up call.

Maybe it's safe to go play in that sandbox again.

I will definitely check out the link. Thanks as always!

Dirk Gently said...

did you know that hillary is rich?

madamab said...

And as we know, Obama's money was blessed by angels before it floated gently into his halo-surrounded pocket.