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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kiss the Dream Ticket Good-Bye.

Okay, I'm off the fence. Not only is Barack Obama unelectable, but he will make Hillary Clinton unelectable if he joins her on a dream ticket. He is a dead man walking, and he still doesn't understand why.

Nor do his followers. I meandered over to Eschaton yesterday, and I saw many commenters opining on how the Reverend was not so bad; in fact, he was intelligent, thoughtful and misunderstood. Besides which, IACF (It's All Clinton's Fault) because she is fueling the flames of the controversy and because she is busy painting Obama as an uppity n***er.

I shit you not.

I have often wondered why, if Senator Clinton is as powerful as Obamans appear to believe, she would even bother to run for President. Surely, she controls the universe already! Wouldn't this be a demotion for her, of sorts?

I mean, forget the fact that the right-wing scream machine has been using her, her husband and her daughter as punching bags for the past umpteen years. She wouldn't bother using her Super-Powers for something so prosaic as preventing the media from accusing her of murder, or clamoring for the impeachment of her husband because of his infidelity, or publishing ever-more-hysterical accusations about her love life. Why should she bother with such trivialities?

She's much more inclined to use her Queen of the Universe Powers to control every aspect of Barack Obama's life. It's true! For example, did you know that Hillary was hovering, protoplasmically, over Senator Obama's head for 20 years whilst he sat in the Trinity United Church of Christ, listening to Wright's rantings and ravings? I mean, Obama couldn't have gotten up and walked away when he heard things he disagreed with. Senator Clinton kept pushing his butt back down in that seat!

You know what else she controls? The Reverend Wright himself. Late at night, when he is asleep, Hillary uses her mind control to hypnotically suggest that he go on national television and make a complete and total ass of himself by mocking the way white people clap, making fun of the accents of white people of all stripes (including JFK and LBJ), and proclaiming the great historical importance of the lunatic hatemonger Louis Farrakhan.

I am personally in awe at how well Hillary has torpedoed Barack Obama's campaign. She is like Tonya Harding with Super-Powers ZOMG!!!111111

Or maybe, just maybe, no one forced Obama to associate with Wright (or Reszko or Ayers). Maybe everything that's happened to him is the direct result of his own actions. Maybe the DNC, which has aided and abetted him at every turn, should have dealt better with the FL/MI mess, instead of blindly, stubbornly insisting that millions of votes did not count and proclaiming that Barack Obama is the front-runner in an essentially tied race. Maybe the bigwigs of the Democratic Party should have considered Hillary Clinton's decades of service to this country and to her party before jumping on Obama's bandwagon o'cash.

In fact, maybe IACF really doesn't apply here. Maybe Senator Obama and the Democratic Party have no one to blame...but themselves.

I do know one thing. If the Party chooses to nominate Obama despite his obvious flaws as a candidate for President, he will certainly lose against John McCain, and take the Democratic Party with him.

Good riddance, if the Party leadership is that incredibly stupid. This die-hard Democrat will become an Independent, and I won't be the only one.

Are you listening, Super-Delegates?


Timmy B said...

I have to hand it to her, she really is coming on strong. Obama seem's to be fading. Her pointing out who is more electable against McSame is very smart. Gave me pause.

You're right, the noise is ratcheting up again. I peeked at Atrios too this morning. Back at it again. Kos and especially Americablog are completely obnoxious. Hmmm, sweating a bit?

Sigh, it all makes my melon haid hurt.

madamab said...

Sigh, it all makes my melon haid hurt.

Me too, Timmy B.

Obama is still a very young man. If things don't work out for him this year, I think he could definitely go for the Presidency again in 2016 - older, wiser, more experienced, and distanced from the scary folk, I suspect. :-)

sister of ye said...

Hi, madamab! Glad I spotted your blogwhore at TalkLeft. I added your site to my favorites.

If you caught my comments a few months back at Eschaton, you know I was skeptical of Clinton's liberal bonafides, though I always admired her intelligence. But we had calm, rational discussions about her and other candidates' positions. Frankly, none of the lot, even St. John Edwards, did much for me. So I researched and came to view Clinton in a positive light.

Then the whole blogoverse seemed to go nutzoid. Now even Atrios had joined in in his low-key way. Disappointing.

Glad I found your place.

madamab said...

Thanks for stopping by, sister of ye! :-)

I always loved your comments on Eschaton. I almost always had nothing to add but "I agree." :-)

My HRC experience was very much like yours. My true love was Al Gore and none of them really seemed fit to kiss his hem. :-) But the more I know about HRC, the more I like her. It's amazing, really.

I am also in agreement about Eschaton. I just don't see why I should be called an ignorant racist because I prefer HRC over Obama. I enjoy the atmosphere at TalkLeft. I like to be dramatic and snarky on my blog, as you can see, but when I am having a conversation, I prefer troll-free and (mostly) rational discussions.