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Friday, May 16, 2008

Hillary or McCain Petition

Hi everyone -

I have created a petition that I hope people will sign and spread around.

It does NOT ask you to vote for McCain or even not to vote for Obama. Rather, it focuses on the fact that Hillary will most likely win the popular vote (counting Michigan and Florida) by the end of the primary season, and since Obama has gotten his delegates in an unfair and despicable manner, the SuperDelegates and the DNC should nominate Hillary on the basis of popular votes.

Here is the full text of the petition:

We, Democrats and Hillary Clinton supporters, refuse to accept the forthcoming nomination of Barack Obama.

We see an immense injustice being done in the way Barack Obama has been pre-selected as the nominee. The DNC has done everything in its power, including deliberately inventing rules to disenfranchise two of the biggest swing states in America, to make this happen.

It is a reprehensible misuse of power by the Party elites.

We the people understand that Barack Obama has a narrow base of support that will not allow him to win the Presidency in November. He gained that support in an unforgivable manner, by smearing Bill and Hillary Clinton as racists while you stood by and did nothing.

You have also allowed the media and Obama's campaign to promote rampant and disgraceful misogyny in his pursuit of the nomination.

These racial and sexual games will haunt the country for years to come, and do not represent the Democratic Party I thought I knew and loved.

We also feel that Hillary's broader base of female, Democratic and Independent voters are being taken for granted, since there is a determined and concerted push to tell us we should shut up and vote Obama in November.

You and the SuperDelegates must nominate Hillary Clinton after she wins the popular vote, since Barack Obama's delegate count lead was obtained in a fraudulent and despicable manner. Otherwise, a large portion of Hillary's voters will desert the Democratic Party, and John McCain will become the President in November.

Hillary or McCain - it's your choice.

If you agree, please sign and pass it along. If I get enough signatures before May 31st, I will deliver it to the DNC - perhaps printed out and at a local office, perhaps via email - I'm not sure yet which will make the most impact.

As always, thanks for your readership and support!


30yrdem said...

Don't forget to go to Corbett's Corner WILK-FM today 3pm-7pm est and listen
to him talk about Operation Turn Down. As the MSM keeps trying to push
Clinton from the race we must rise up. Let everyone know we won't vote
Obama in November. Stand up and let your voice be heard. Now is the time
to declare yourself. Go to Corbett's Corner and send him an e-mail telling
him why you won't vote for Obama. We must fight the elites in Washington.

madamab said...

Thank you! I sent him an email in support of his efforts.

We've got to let the DNC know that we take our votes seriously, and so should they!

Timmy B said...

You know where I stand, but I do admire what you are doing. You truly are an activist. Bravo! (again)

sister of ye said...

I have signed the petition in my meatspace (real) name, and included my arguments. Good luck, and may it help. In any event, you can take pride in the fact that you tried what you could. My thanks to you.