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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh, no!

Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts has a malignant brain tumor.

My heart goes out to the Senator and his family.

Should anyone wish to send him a get-well card, you can do so very easily on his website. There's a box on the right-hand side where you can express your wishes for his speedy recovery.

Get well soon, Senator!


Timmy B said...

This was a shocker. He's been around for so long you tend to forget he's mortal. Doesn't look good.

My haid! I just commented on SoBeale's site about evo Huckster.

I think Obama's getting a lot of pressure to shut it down.

madamab said...

I think Obama's getting a lot of pressure to shut it down.

What do you mean, shut it down?

I have to say, Ted Kennedy's illness is really bumming me out.

As for Hackabee and McCaca - now there's a team from hell. [shudder]

Timmy B said...

I used a poor choice of words. What I meant was I think he's most likely getting pressure from big Dems to "move on" to McSame, marginalizing Clinton, with the hopes she'll pull out. Just my thoughts, I hope I'm wrong.

madamab said...

I think you're exactly right. That's why he's been kind of ignoring her since last week.

The Democratic Party and Obama's advisors are really on the wrong track here. The exit polls from Kentucky are horrible for Barack; only 33% of HRC's voters would support him.

Something has to be done or we really will implode in November. Maybe "Clobama" is the answer - I don't think Obama can be at the top of the ticket if we're going to beat McCaca.

Sigh. I wonder if Obama's ego is so big that he won't take VP?

I just don't know what to think anymore.