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Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day, Bush Style

As I returned from my mini-vacation and fired up my computer today, the first headline I saw was this:

Bush Calls on Americans to Remember War Dead

Once again, I am reminded how our Deciderer has stomped on irony like a gorilla trying to destroy a Samsonite.

Oh George, TRUST ME, we remember the war dead DESPITE the fact that your partner in war crimes, Donald Rumsfeld, decreed that we wouldn't see their coffins; that we wouldn't get an accurate count of the dead and wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq; that war coverage has mysteriously disappeared from the TeeVee just in time for the next election; and that due to a paucity of spine-infused Democrats in the Senate and House, our two new quagmires drag on and on, draining our Treasury, breaking our military, destroying our reputation overseas, and killing and wounding not only our young men and women, but also the luckless inhabitants of Iraq and Afghanistan. We must include the Iraqi and Afghani dead in our count as well, mustn't we, George W.? Or would that trouble your beautiful mind too much?

We Americans are sick in our souls with remembering the war dead. We need to do something other than remember them.

We need to bring our troops home and stop murdering people for oil, power and money.

Until then, every day will be Memorial Day.

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