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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why Democrats Vote

We Democrats don't seem to understand ourselves very well, in my never-humble opinion. Certainly our elected representatives, for the most part, appear to believe that Democrats will vote straight party-line no matter which candidate they nominate for the presidency.

Ah, such dangerous naivete.

You see, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean et al., party unity doesn't just HAPPEN for Democrats. We are truly a big tent. We've got super-lefties, disaffected conservatives, social and economic libertarians, die-hard Party loyalists, left- and right-leaning Independents, and everything in between. The Republic Party, by contrast, has narrowed itself into a very specific right-wing mentality. You're either with them or against them, in the immortal authoritarian words of their Dear Leader, George W. Bush. They vote for the R, even when they hate the nominee.

We Democrats vote for the person whom we trust, and whom we think represents our values. Why else is Barack Obama getting up to 93% of the AA vote, whereas Hillary Clinton is connecting with about 60% of the white vote in every state?

No, it's not Democratic racism on Senator Clinton's side (although if it were, that would still represent a rather large problem for Obama, wouldn't it?). It's that we Hillary voters don't think that Obama would be a good President for many reasons. We don't trust his judgment after the revelations that he sat in Wright's church for 20 years and listened to that ignorant, hate-filled ranting week after week. We don't think he understands our needs, and the BitterCling remarks (and so much more) seem to legitimize that feeling. We don't like his policy proposals on the environment (let's focus on renewables, not nuclear power, coal and ethanol), the economy (too many punitive taxes on the middle class) and health care (don't start from a weak point when you know you will have to compromise). Finally, we do not trust him to carry out his promises, ever since his foreign policy adviser, Samantha Power, said that his Iraq withdrawal plan was just a "best-case scenario."

So, as Hillary Clinton rides to a humongous victory today in West Virginia, O Democratic leaders, please don't call it racism; and please understand that we are voting for her, not against Obama. And please understand that many of us simply will not vote for Obama in the GE, for all the reasons given above. Why should we? The stronger candidate in the GE is clearly Senator Clinton. There is no reasonable electoral map that shows otherwise. Why should we settle for second best? Because she is a woman and should take one for the team?

According to yesterday's ABC News/Washington Post poll, 64% of Democrats want Hillary to finish out her run. Another interesting finding: A whopping 59% of AA's think HRC should be on a ticket with Obama. Guess a lot of AA's don't think she's so racist after all.

I would also sincerely ask that folks should stop trying to sell us on a Unity Ticket with Obama at the top. You think you can just apply Clinton as a coverup of all Obama's flaws, and they will magically disappear? Do you think the Republics will not start pounding on Wright, Ayers and Rezko as soon as Obama is chosen at the convention? Perhaps Jesus could help Obama stand against that tsunami, but I don't think HRC's supernatural powers are quite that strong. Obama is simply NOT ELECTABLE. I would prefer him not to be anywhere near the Presidency, but if we must have him, the VP spot is the only acceptable one for him now. For Jeebus' sake, he's 46 years old and has two years in the Senate. Further, he has leveraged his 93% AA vote and gamed the system (trying to get FL and MI counted out) in order to gain his front-runner status. It's disgusting the way he has cheated and slimed Hillary and Bill Clinton in the process. VP is an amazing gift for him, and guess what? He gets to be President in 2016. Sorry, Michelle Obama, this is the only possible combined ticket scenario. Grow up and get over yourself.

Let me just add one more thing. The next few months are key. Should the Deciderer bomb Iran, or should another terrorist attack happen on American soil, who do you think Americans will vote for? A guy who has no national security credentials whatsoever, who never held one meeting of the subcommittee on European Affairs he chaired in the Senate, and who was against the war before he was for it? Or a Moderate Maverick War Hero?


And yes, I believe HRC would do much better against McCain in this arena, mainly because she actually has experience and did vote for the AUMF. Believe it or not, that makes her more electable against McCaca, not less.

Should the Democratic Party be blind and stupid enough to nominate Barack Obama despite all of this, I hope they are not surprised when many of HRC's supporters in the Big Tent either switch to McCain, stay home entirely or vote down-ticket only. (Some are vowing to write in Hillary's name.) After all, exit polls in state after state have been showing that more than 50% of us are saying "NO!" to Obama.

Sadly, I think our Democratic leaders will be absolutely shocked, shocked, when McCain wipes the floor with Obama in November.

They just don't know why Democrats vote.


Woody (Tokin' Lib'rul/Rogue Scholar & O'erall Helluvafella!) said...

i am not sure i agree that Bombin' John will "wipe the floor" with BHO. It might actually be close enough for them to need to steal it again. Which they'd do, in a heartbeat. The advantage with Obama might be in the aftermath of the cheating, mebbe the black population'd be so fuuking steamed that they'd mebbe actually go into the streets, provoking some kind of really heavy civil disobedience...

i can dream, can't I?

madamab said...

You may see the civil disobedience from women first, if the stronger nominee is not chosen by the SD's.

The women of America have woken up and found that we are freaking p.o'ed.

But can you dream? Yes, you can! ;-)

Timmy B said...

I know it's your right to vote or not, but one less Dem vote is an advantage for the Repubs. While you don't think Obama should be Pres, I KNOW "Bombin' John" shouldn't be.

madamab said...

I know McCaca shouldn't be President. But honestly, Obama shouldn't be either.

It's HRC or bust for me.

Lord Jeebus help me, I never thought I'd say that. :-(

Sleeperman said...

Hey... I've stumbled across another parcel of lefties from the city; what a surprise! And they're so nice!

madamab said...

Why thank you, Sleeperman, and welcome! You've certainly pegged me well. :-)

Timmy B is from Arizona (yuck! McCain country!) and Woody...I'm not sure where he's from, but it ain't New York. LOL

Nonetheless, we are all fighting for the same thing in the end...a better, stronger, safer, more responsible, more just and more prosperous America that is a positive contributor to the global community.