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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Irony is Deader than Dick Cheney's Soul.

I refuse to honor the hysteria regarding Senator Clinton's statement about extended primaries (which included a reference to RFK's tragic assassination). If RFK Jr. isn't offended, I don't know why anyone else would be.

However, I would like to take a look at the incredible behavior of the press corps during this brouhaha.

It's been, oh, at least 400 days now that MSNBC has been obsessing on what Hillary was thinking when she made this statement. I have marvelled many times at the amazing mind-reading abilities that the media appears to have when it comes to the Clintons (and most Democrats in general). Apparently Hillary was wishin' and hopin' that Senator Obama would be assassinated when she was...talking about a historical event that occurred in June during an extended primary season. And when she never even mentioned Obama's name.

Wow, I never knew that a presidential hopeful should be excoriated and convicted as Teh Evil because of thoughts she thunk!

Especially since our national press corps has COMPLETELY IGNORED THE ACTUAL MURDERERS IN THE WHITE HOUSE.

I mean, we've got Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice, haven't we? (Rumsfeld can't even go into certain countries for fear of being arrested for war crimes.) Through malevolence, incompetence or sheer unadulterated greed, these Asses of Evil are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

Somehow, I don't see them being excoriated. Somehow I don't see their characters being constantly called into question and organizations like C.U.N.T. being formed to stop them. Somehow I don't see calls for impeachment or any accountability whatsoever for these monsters.

No, once again, IACF rules the day.

They can't talk about Bush and his cronies any more, after all. Remember that KKKarl works for Newsweek now.

The corruption of the corporate media is complete.


Timmy B said...

Think Little Scotty McClellan has taken care of the presses attention for a while. I think the ticky-tacky press stuff just annoys most people. Most of it won't change many peoples minds.

Speaking of annoyed, the local press doesn't seem too happy with McSame. I watched the teebee news last night and the tone of the reporter seemed to be short and frosty. Boosh meets McSame in Phoenix and no pressies allowed?! Not even photographers?! The teebee lady had to settle for standing by the runway in front of a long shot of AF One. Not happy! I'm so hoping this comes to haunt McSame.

madamab said...

Heh. I'm ignoring Scotty. His entire job was to lie for Bush. He doesn't deserve my time or attention. So there! :-)

I've heard the local press is none too fond of McCaca. There's something very fishy about that no photogs thing - Bush was probably drunk out of his mind.

Unfortunately however, the national press lurves McCaca. I don't see that changing anytime soon.