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Friday, June 13, 2008

L'Etat, C'est Obama

Say what now?
Moving quickly to take control of the Democratic Party, Sen. Barack Obama will shift much of the infrastructure of the Democratic National Committee from its Capitol Hill headquarters to his campaign offices in downtown Chicago, DNC officials said yesterday.

The party's political functions and some other operations will move to Obama's offices in the Loop. The DNC's get-out-the-vote operation will be integrated with Obama's massive voter mobilization efforts, as will the Democrats' increasingly sophisticated voter identification program. Communications, opposition research and much of its Internet operation will likely remain in Washington.

"We are now one team effort working together to ensure that Barack Obama is the next president of the United States," said DNC communications director Karen Finney. "Our goal is to quickly consolidate these efforts into one operation and effectively drive one national strategy."


FYI...Barack Obama is not the nominee. He is the PRESUMPTIVE nominee in a race that is separated by 125 pledged delegates. Neither candidate has enough pledged delegates to count himself, or herself, the nominee. Either candidate could still be nominated at the Convention.

Moreover, Obama's pledged delegates were only gained due to massive manipulation by the DNC. Had the DNC's actual rules been followed, the outcome of this race would have been quite different.

Yet knowing all of these facts, knowing he has cheated his way to the nomination with the collusion of the National Party, one-millionth of a second after Hillary Clinton suspended her campaign (and has not yet released her delegates), Obama is taking over the Democratic Party.

The Post tries to be reassuring about this coup d'etat, but it fails, quite miserably.

The move is not unprecedented. Some DNC operations were moved to Nashville in 2000, and a migration similar in scope to this year's took place in 1992, when Bill Clinton moved much of the party to Little Rock. Obama moved one of his top aides, Paul Tewes, to the DNC on Wednesday. Last Friday, Tewes, Obama and DNC Chairman Howard Dean held a conference call with state Democratic leaders to map out the shake-up.

"What's unusual is the speed," said Tom McMahon, DNC executive director. "That's what's catching people off guard."

No, Tom, sweetie, what is "catching people off guard" is that it stinks. It smells to high heaven of Chicago Machine corruption.

There is no way that this could possibly happen so quickly without prior collusion and planning. It is simply not credible. Thus, it was planned BEFORE Obama stole, er, "won," the nomination. Which, as demonstrated above, he could not have stolen, er, won, without the intervention of the DNC.

I am so stunned and disheartened by this clear and obvious quid pro quo between Obama's organization and the Party elites. Let me say this right now: Obama will never, ever get my vote.

The Democratic Party has just sunk into the depths of Tammany Hall slime. We have become what we despised.

Happy Friday!

1 comment:

kenoshaMarge said...

Absolutely this could not have been decided just recently. Moves like this take time. This move has been planned for months. Thus this move only proves our contention of the corruption and colusion of the DNC in disenfranchising the voters of this country.

Every vote for Obama thus tells the Democratic Party and the DNC that well don't mind if they are crooks and liars so long as they are Democrats. Thus I will not now or ever vote for Obama.