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Thursday, June 19, 2008

You Know You Are Absent-Minded When...

your commenters have to remind you about your own BlogaVersary!!! Thanks very much, Timmy B!

It's hard to believe I branched out and started bloviating here just one year ago today. Of course, I've always been a world-champeen provider of hot air, as my friends and relatives will tell ya. :-)

Thanks to everyone who reads this blog for sticking with me through a very, very tough primary season. We may not agree, but respect me, and I'll respect you.

Onward and upward!


sister of ye said...

Congrats, madamab! You're one of my daily stops. I'm actually new here, but I plan to be a regular.

Timmy B said...

Oh man, what the heck is a blopgaversery?

Thanks back at ya. You do some good stuff that definitely keeps me thinking. Your Mom post is still with me.

Flying Junior said...

One year of posts is quite a historical record. Well done madamab. I think my favorite is In the Land of Mordor.