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Thursday, June 26, 2008


be vewy vewy quiet. My husband is napping. Heheheheheheheheh!

So, SOME people seem to, like, want beach blogging and stuff! Well, normally I would have done more by now, but believe it or not, the weather has been sucky! It is so incredibly rare to have rain in Aruba that everyone on the island is in shock. Luckily, the last of the storm seems to have passed, and the rain this morning will probably be the last, for the next four months!

I have a newfangled Blackberry and have taken some fun photos, which I hope to [ahem] figure out how to download tomorrow! But I wanted to wait till I had some great beach shots first. We haven't even seen a lot of iguanas this year - they've been hiding from the rain! Jeez!

On the upside, we are winning at the casinos and eating some incredible food. Our hotel is very nice and the room opens right onto the beach. So it's all good...and tomorrow night, the Sunset Sail awaits, with champagne and delicious Dutch chocolates.

Sending you all lovely breezes and starlit nights!


geor3ge said...

I'd be jealous, but we just got back from our honeymoon. Cabin, Poconos, hot tub.

madamab said...

I am so happy for you and Mrs. Geor3ge! Congratulations, and I wish you many, many years of happiness. :-)