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Friday, July 18, 2008

Action Alert - Send KKKarl to Jail!

Wanna prod your Congresscritters to do something about KKKarl? Watch this remarkably concise summation of Rove's criminal doings from Robert Greenwald, then sign the petition to have the Turd Blossom permanently decked out in unflattering orange and leg chains. We all know that there is enough evidence to put this putz in jail for the next 40 years.

Executive privilege, my ass!


Timmy B said...

Me no have ears at work, will watch it at home. I aaume the Grant Woods segment was about Siegelman. If you've got Woods on your side, you've got a valuable ally. He bleeds Republican (he's on McThirdterm's election commitee),but has a reputation of being very tough but very fair. If he's raising a fuss, it's definitley going to draw a spotlight.

madamab said...

It was definitely about Siegelman. It's amazing the amount of dastardly deeds that fat bastard Rove has done. If we ever get to the bottom of them, I'll be shocked.

Timmy B said...

I've been trying to find out if executive priviledge expires at the end of a presidents term. Might be more fun to haul his butt in front of a powerful Democratic Congress with just his lawyer covering him.