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Monday, July 28, 2008

Want a Seat at the Democratic Convention? Better Promise to Campaign for Obama

You know the most horrible, Orwellian and frustrating thing about Barack Obama's campaign?

He keeps doing things that are absolutely unprecedented and should induce whiplash in the corporate media, but they seem to pass totally unremarked. Things like removing his name from a state ballot, then claiming votes and delegates from that state (even stealing four of Hillary's delegates!); claiming that he clinched the nomination, when he didn't (he needed 2109 pledged delegates and didn't get them); becoming One with the DNC; moving DNC Headquarters to Chicago; taking a giant media entourage on his SO NOT POLITICAL faux-Presidential trip to Europe and Iraq; and so on and so on. No presumptive nominee has ever done any of these things. IOKIYO!

I've been waiting for a few days for someone to notice this little story in Politico, but so far, it seems to be slipping under the radar. So, for your hair-tearing pleasure, I give you:

The Price for Obama Tickets is Activism

The crowd enveloping Barack Obama when he accepts the Democratic nomination for president at Invesco Field at Mile High will be asked to get to work for the privilege of witnessing the historic event live.

In a half-hour interview Wednesday with The Denver Post, Obama's deputy campaign manager, Steve Hildebrand, said he wants to use the ticketing process as a massive recruitment tool meant to bring in supporters from all 50 states and energize them to carry the campaign into the final 60 days of the general election.

"We're going to ask those 80,000 people in that stadium to march out of there and go with very specific instructions and goals to register millions of new voters," Hildebrand said.

The campaign announced July 7 that it would hold the final night of the Aug. 25-28 convention at Invesco Field and open Obama's acceptance speech to thousands of spectators. Official details of the so-called community credential process are expected early next week, the campaign said.

By seating the 6,000 delegates down on the field normally defended by the Denver Broncos, and by keeping the number of journalists, technicians and VIPs at the same level as those attending the Pepsi Center events earlier in the week, the campaign could bring in more than 60,000 members of the public, Hildebrand said.


Hildebrand said that to ensure that the campaign fills the stadium, the application process becomes in and of itself a recruiting tool.

"Every single person is going to be a level of seriousness," Hildebrand said. "You know, 'Tell us how you're going to get there from Maine. Tell us how you're going to get there from Florida. Give us a sense of whether or not you're really serious about this. If you're not, we're going to provide someone else with this.' "

Those who want a seat will begin the process at their local Democratic Party office. While demonstrating their ability to attend, they also will be encouraged to sign on to the campaign as volunteers.

"They fill out a form; there's a conversation," Hildebrand said. "We ask them and encourage them to register voters and to get out the vote and those activities that are important to us. It's not a requirement, but it's going to be an encouragement."

Another use of the Aug. 28 speech meant to leverage public support is to use a technique popular with the campaign to hand out names and phone numbers during its events and ask participants to use their cellphones to make get-out-the-vote calls.

If the Obama campaign has its way, there will not be one single solitary Hillary supporter in that entire stadium. Yet she has not conceded, has not released her delegates and could conceivably still win the nomination.

This is the creepiest, most underhanded, most cultish campaign I have ever seen. While the Obamanation becomes more and more suppressive and anti-democratic, the corporate media yawns and blabbers about whether or not he's patriotic enough. Um, who cares? George W. Bush was seen as patriotic, wasn't he?

Someone please wake me up from this nightmare.

1 comment:

sister of ye said...

If the MSM is ignoring Obama's actions, it's a pretty good indication that he's the true candidate of the corporate status quo.

More puzzling is the continuing support of the supposed progressive stalwarts. Statements and actions excoriated in Republicans - and Clinton - are lauded as good, even brilliant, politics.

And people who sneer at religious faith of any sort insist on a fanatical belief that Obama is a tranformative figure who, under his nonpartisan camoflage, is a True Liberal who will bring Peace, Unity and Every Good Thing (like ponies!).

I'm still trying to figure out exactly when I fell down the rabbit hole.