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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh, The Humility

Some people might say that I have strong opinions. [wink] Yet people who know me will not hesitate to tell you that I do admit when I'm wrong. And this primary season has been full of painful bricks falling on my heretofore clueless haid.

Here are just a few of the things I've realized as a result of the epic battle between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama:

  • Sexism is NOT dead.

  • The leaders of the Democratic Party hate Hillary and Bill Clinton, to the point of deliberately torpedoing Hillary's primary campaign in every possible way - including promoting an unqualified, inexperienced candidate in her stead, simply because he is African-American.

  • Sometimes, the right-wing stereotypes about Democrats are right.

  • Howard Dean would have made a bad President.

  • John Edwards may have quit before Super Tuesday because it is possible that he is cheating on his cancer-stricken wife. He would have made a bad President too.

  • The "progressive" media, for the most part, is not progressive at all. They just want in on the levers of power. So much for the Daily Kos, HuffPo, Air Obama, er, America...

  • A President must represent the center of the country, not an extreme fringe of left or right. Bush pretended to be a centrist, but was in reality a far-right radical. That is why his presidency was so harmful. In the same way, a far-left radical (like me) would not be an appropriate choice to lead this country. So, my place in the political spectrum is, and should be, on the fringes. (Now if only we could get the far-right wingnuts to realize the same thing!)

  • The Democratic Party is becoming as corporate-friendly and corrupt as the Republican Party.

What about you? Have you learned anything during this crazy election season? Oh, and by the way:



Timmy B said...

Perversely, in my view, Hillary’s chief strategist proved to be an old-fashioned sexist. Penn did not appreciate the strength of her character as a woman.

The new Democratic establishment, led by D.N.C. chairman Howard Dean and the increasingly respected Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, just didn’t want the Clinton circus back in town.
Gail Sheehy VF

You're in my haid agayn. I was reading her article for the third time this AM. These sentences stood out to me. Especially the first one. Penn made nearly
$20 million off the campaign.

madamab said...

Penn was horrible. He just didn't trust her to be herself. You could see how much she relaxed once Maggie Williams took over. And of course, Patti Solis Doyle was really bad for the campaign too - she was the one behind the "Super Tuesday" strategy.

Still, the fix was definitely in. Sheehy confirms it. But the Clinton circus? LOL. Like Wright, Pfleger and Meeks weren't a circus?

Timmy B said...

Your BTR show is on at 5 our time, which means I can't listen in. However I see they archive so I can later. (didn't know you are also a playwright. Are you a galie for the Rangers too?)

sister of ye said...

Given how quickly Doyle landed up on Obama's team, I suspect that she was a mole in Clinton's campaign. I've read that Axelrod and Penn are good buddie, so his incompetence may have been purposeful as well.

As for Axelrod, if there is a just God, he won't have to worry about wearing sweaters in the afterlife. After all Clinton did to aid his sick child, for him to manage a campaign that trashed her and Bill as racists, tore her down as an evil, power-mad harpy, and accused her of killing her friend Bhutto and wanting to kill Obama, is the absolute definition of despicable.

David, you'd better hope karma never catches up with you, because I can assure you, it will assuredly be a bitch.

bluelyon said...

When you speak of bricks falling on your head you speak for me. This primary season has so opened my eyes, and I'll never be able to close them again.

One of the things I learned is that there is the same amount of potential for Koolaid drinking on the left side of the aisle as there is on the right.

What I've learned is that I must remember to be skeptical about everything. E-VER-Y-THING.