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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It was a Good Day in the House.

Way to go, Congressman Robert D. Brady (D-PA)!

You're the 15th Representative to sign on to HR 333. Impeachment of Darth Cheney is only TWO VOTES AWAY.

Way to go, Barbara Lee (D-CA)! Your bill banning permanent bases in Iraq and protecting Iraqi oil from U.S. control passed the House 344-17.

Lee's HR 2929 was considered under suspension of the rules, which bars amendments, limits debate and requires a two-thirds vote for passage -- a sign that House Democratic leaders saw it not only as good policy, but as another tool putting Republicans on the spot to oppose a long-term presence in Iraq.

"Putting Congress on record with this clear statement helps take the targets off our troops' backs and it supports our goals of handing over responsibility for security and public safety to Iraqi forces," Lee, D-Oakland, said on the House floor.

"We must soundly reject the vision of an open-ended occupation as bad policy that undermines the safety of our troops and recognize it for what it is: another recruiting poster for terrorists," she said.

This, on top of contempt charges for Josh Bolten and Harriet Miers! Most, most exxxxxcellent.

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