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Monday, July 30, 2007

Richard Viguerie is a Liar.

I was just listening to the Thom Hartmann show on Air America Radio, where Richard Viguerie, one of the fathers of Modern Conservofascism, was a guest.

In the course of their discussion, Mr. Viguerie was promoting his new book, "Conservatives Betrayed". Thom asked him to elaborate, and he said this:

For the past 15-20 years, conservatives have been looking for Ronald Reagan...It finally occurred to me, what we should be looking for is Barry Goldwater.
Wow! Ya THINK? This couldn't have anything to do with promoting the bullcrap that George W. Bush is not a conservative, now, could it?

I have absolutely zero sympathy for Richard Viguerie and his ilk. He just admitted that he knew that George Bush was the absolute heir to Ronald Reagan's disastrous, anti-American, modern conservative policies, and that was just fine with him. But now that those policies are coming to their obvious, horrible fruition, he's trying to proclaim that George W. Bush is a traitor to their movement.

Au contraire, mon ami. This guy was your boy until the American people wised up. And quite frankly, it's the modern conservative movement that's a danger to America - and you're one of the worst offenders. You're the one who wanted to desert the relatively principled conservatism of public servant Barry Goldwater for the bumper sticker blandishments of an unqualified movie actor. You were the one that helped form the "Moral Majority", which merged the fundamentalist Christians with the Republican Party (with predictably awful results). In short, my friend, conservatives have been YOU.

How does it feel to have destroyed conservatism, Richard? Oh, you won't tell us...because you are a LIAR.

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