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Friday, July 13, 2007

The Republican Party is not a Political Party. It's a Criminal Organization.

Say it loud. Say it often.

It explains so much.

It's why there are so many Republicans in jail, under indictment or under investigation. If we investigated every single one of these guys in all the branches of government, I have absolutely no doubt that there is a criminal act in each and every one of their backgrounds (usually involving sex or money). But of course, you can't be a playa unless you're a made man (or woman), because the Republican Party is a criminal organization.

It cures Republic Scandal Fatigue (RSF) without the use of alcohol or drugs.

At this point, I personally am getting dizzy trying to keep up with all the laws these guys are breaking. I mean, what with Cheney and Bush pretending the government is their personal cash register and toy soldier generator, respectively, and with all the Congresscritters seemingly unable to deal with their sexual and monetary needs without resorting to crime, we've got a new horror assaulting us every day. It's enough mishegoss to make you permanently brain-fogged, unless you remember that the Republican Party is a criminal organization.

Ahhhh! I feel better already.

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