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Monday, July 30, 2007

Tin Foil Hat Paranoia du Jour

Our Dear Leader signed a very bizarre and scary Executive Order recently. In it, he claims the right to confiscate the money and property of anyone he, the Secretary of the Treasury (in consultation with the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of State), or the Dick Cheney Branch of Government(TM) decides is a threat to the peace and stability of Iraq.

What is the President thinking? According to this Order, the Secretary of the Treasury could, at this moment, decide that because 70% of Americans think we need to withdraw from Iraq, we are all threatening that country's peace and stability, and must give all our property to the Deciderer forthwith. It's terrifying in its possibilities.

But who is the real target of this Order? The American people? I don't think so. The Bush Crime Family knows Americans, by its billionaire standards, have no property or money. Moreover, Bush has stacked the government with incompetent Lackeys whose only skills are membership in the Republic Party and unthinking loyalty to the Preznit (remember Sara Taylor?). Do you really think they have people capable of interpreting all the data they're gathering in those illegal NSA spying programs?

It seems to me that the real target of this Order is the Democratic Party, and in particular, the Democratic candidates for President. For example, there isn't one Democratic candidate who isn't saying that he/she would withdraw troops from Iraq once elected. Well, aren't the Democrats threatening the stability of Iraq, then? Take their money and property, and see how homeless, poor Hillary does against rich, studly, cigar-smoking Fred Thompson!

In the America we knew just seven short years ago, these thoughts would never have crossed my innocent little brain. And in reality, this Order is so clearly illegal and unconstitutional, that it will most probably not stand up in court, even with Alito and Roberts added to the Supremes. But what if Bush and Cheney think they can cause enough trouble for the Democrats to scuttle their chances in 2008?

Haaaaappppy Monday.

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