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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I got an email from Senators Patrick Leahy and Chris Dodd this morning. Surprisingly, they're not too happy about the fact that the Military Commissions Act has effectively denied Americans their right to Habeas Corpus.

From the letter:

The elimination of basic legal rights undermines, not strengthens, our ability to defeat terrorists. It is from strength that America should defend our values and our way of life. It is from the strength of our freedoms, our Constitution, and the rule of law that we can prevail. We can ensure our security without giving up our liberty.

By joining us as citizen co-sponsors, you will help us show our colleagues -- both Democrats and Republicans -- the strong support that exists for the restoration of habeas corpus rights.
This week, Congress will be voting on whether or not to restore Habeas Corpus and our Constitution. Apparently, some Congresscritters (cough cough Republics cough cough) require convincing.

Become a citizen co-sponsor and help our Senators do what's right.

1 comment:

Ripley said...

It shouldn't be a mater of restoring habeas corpus - it should be a shout from the rooftops that BushCo ignored 800 years of established law, human rights and the US Constitution, and we've had enough of it.

But someone will whimper about terrorists and Islamobogiemen and 'the troops' and whatever else keeps their mind off the real freedoms that America is allegedly founded upon.

Let's hope they get it right this time.