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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hatin' on Hillary

Why do people hate Hillary Clinton?

I have seen such venom expressed towards the Senator from New York that it beggars belief - and not just by right-wingers. What in the world has she done to deserve this splenetic outpouring?

In my view as one of her constituents, Senator Clinton is an outstanding public servant. Although I am quite active in emailing and calling my representatives, I rarely feel the need to do so in her case, because I am secure in the knowledge that Hillary will almost always vote my interests. How many people can say that about their Congresscritters?

I know that she voted for the AUMF. So did former Senator John Edwards, and so did all the other Senators who are running for President, except for Barack Obama, who was not in the Senate at the time. Certainly, John Edwards now regrets his vote, but so does Senator Clinton. In fact, she has co-authored legislation to sunset the AUMF in October of this year, ensuring that it cannot be used as an excuse for attacking Iran. I believe that shows a deep awareness of the consequences of this legislation that none of the other candidates seem to show.

What has she done to deserve all the hatin'?

It seems obvious to me that the only real reason is that she's a woman. And in America in 2007, we still can't handle the fact that a woman could have enough ambition, intelligence and heart to be President of the United States.

Perhaps in another hundred years...

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