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Monday, September 3, 2007

A Silver Lining

There may be an upside to Senator Craig's recent public disgrace and resignation - it shows that the outrage over his gayness is coming almost exclusively from the Republics and their followers.

Which means that most of the population DOESN'T CARE ABOUT TEH GAY.

The reaction to Democratic New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey's public coming-out was, as reported at the time, a collective shrug. Overwhelmingly, New Jersey residents felt his sexuality was his business - what they were upset about was the fact that he was using his power as Governor to reward his lover with a highly-paid job for which the lover was not qualified.

Of course, New Jersey is a liberal state, but national statistics on gay rights issues are encouraging. After all, we all know someone who's gay, and we all love someone who's gay, whether we know it or not.

It seems that Americans are starting to realize that ostracizing and punishing people for being themselves is NOT a moral value. And that might just be a silver lining.

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