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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Proud of Her Ignorance

I'm beginning to think that in order to be on the teevee these days, you have to have your brain surgically removed and a video of "The Teletubbies" put in its place.

What kind of a person doesn't know that the world is round these days? Well, that would be Sherri Shepherd, guesting on the controversial gabfest The View.

First, the Divine Miss Shepherd stated she did not believe in evolution (as pregnant conservabot Elizabeth Hasselbeck, sure to give birth to a monkey if there's any justice, looked on approvingly.) When Whoopi Goldberg sardonically asked her if the world was flat, here was her response:

"I don't know. I never thought about it Whoopi. Is the world flat? I never thought about ...I...I...No....But I'll tell you what I have thought about. How I'm going to feed my child, take care of my family. 'Is the world flat' has not been an important thing to me."

The worst thing about this, to me, is the arrogance and smugness of her response. Why, she's too busy putting food on her family to know whether the world is flat! When you're cooking barefoot and pumping out the Jeebus-followers, there's no damn time to think!

That preening, jiggling, moronic specimen is proud of her ignorance. My question to La Shepherd is this:

What's the point of having children if all you teach how to be stupid, like Mommy?


Dirk Gently said...

well, her world is flat.

madamab said...

who knew she had a 'moustache of understanding?

zoe said...

please please tell me this is a joke - she did not REALLY say that, did she - or if she did, it was a bit of sarcasm??????

madamab said...

sorry zoe, it's true. watch it:

the woman is 100% serious.