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Friday, September 28, 2007

More Debate Thoughts

Okay, I know I was extremely snarky in my little summary yesterday. But in reality, I was pretty impressed with almost everyone on that stage. Joe Biden and Chris Dodd were the ones that came up the most in my estimation. Mike Gravel was just a bit too wacky for me, and Barack Obama, forgive me, is a Hillary clone, and I'd rather have the real thing than the imitation.

I wish I could be really, really excited about my candidate, though. I was a total Deaniac in 2004, and I was thrilled to send him money and promote him any way I could. There is no one that I feel that way about this year, unless...

be still my heart...


Oh please oh please oh please. We need a person of broad, sweeping vision, a person who is scientific rather than faith-based, a person of peace, and Al Gore IS THAT MAN.

I've signed the Draft Al petition - I did it a long time ago. What can I do to make him realize that we're really, really sorry about 2000 and that we'll elect him in the biggest landslide in American history?

Any ideas out there?

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