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Friday, September 21, 2007

Ol' Blackwater, Don't Keep Rollin'

It looks like the lid is finally being pried off the intense secrecy surrounding the biggest military 'contractor' in Iraq, Blackwater. And oh my, are there some nasty creepy crawlies inside.

Armed mercenaries strolling through the streets of Baghdad killing with impunity - golly gee, that's just not the way to win hearts and minds, is it?

And speaking of our troops, it's always encouraging, when you're humping 100 pounds of body armor and supplies in 130-degree heat, to know that the person standing beside you is earning twelve times the amount you are. Talk about ruining morale!

My main thought on this story is that Blackwater has been like one giant Lackey. They were there in New Orleans when the Bush Administration screwed up Katrina so badly. They are there in Iraq to guard all the visiting American "dignitaries" such as Condi, Bush and McCain. But most importantly, they are there to cover up the fact that the Army is broken, and has been broken for some time.

Contrary to what another Lackey, General "Baby Jeebus" Petraeus said about needing to withdraw troops by April 2008 or the troops would suffer irreparable harm, the troops have been stretched to the limit for years. But thanks to the more than 200,000 Blackwater mercenaries now in Iraq, the extent of the damage is being hidden from the American people.

Now the Iraqi government is desperately trying to kick Blackwater out of Iraq. Looks like they are "standing up so we can stand down." Why don't I think the Bush Administration will see it that way?

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