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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Chris Dodd Says NO to FISA Bill!!!

Okay....maybe HE gets my vote. (Tell Senator Dodd how much he rocks at the link!)

Note to other Senators who are running for Preznit: THIS IS HOW IT'S DONE. Use your power any way you can to stand up to the President and his lunatic, paranoid, fascist agenda. Come on, guys, the Deciderer is talking (and giggling) about starting World War III! What's it gonna take?!

I hope that Dodd's spinicular fortitude will inspire our Congresscritters. Or perhaps the avalanche of thank-you letters he gets will make them jealous.

Either way, he is setting a great example, and he deserves our heartfelt thanks.

UPDATE: Looks like Senator Obama discovered the hold before Senator Dodd...this time on the nomination of the election-stealer that Bush wanted to be in charge of the Federal Election Commission. Exxxxxxxxxcellent!

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