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Monday, October 29, 2007

Fake FEMA Press Conference - Fake Outrage from Chertoff

Skeletor pretends that he's shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, that his employees staged a press conference. But as usual, the expression of passionate outrage will not be followed by action.

Asked specifically if he planned to fire anyone at FEMA, which is part of his department, Chertoff declined to say, citing personnel rules.

"There will be appropriate discipline," he told reporters at a news conference with New York's governor where they announced an agreement on a driver's license plan.

Chertoff said he knew nothing about the matter until after it happened and that he "can't explain why it happened."
Ah yes, the buck stops at the Lackey level.

It's amazing how consistent these Bushies are, isn't it? Do they all go to Rove Indoctrination Camp to learn these strategies? Fake outrage? Blame the Lackey? Propaganda? Secrecy? Viciously attack anyone who disagrees with you? Bait and switch? Never do anything to help the American people if you can avoid it?

It seems like this story is actually getting through to the American people. The White House wagged a finger at FEMA. Chertoff made a strong statement. The question is, will there be any follow-up if no one is fired? Or will it fall off the media radar, as the victims of the California wildfires and of Hurricane Katrina have?

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