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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pawns - A Dream of Iraq

I had a crazy dream last night. Randi Rhodes and I were embedded with Navy troops ready to ship out to Iraq. They gave us cool jackets and we wrote our names on them with red Magic Markers. We were excited and terrified.

As the giant ship started its engines, the kid in front of me vomited Oreo cookies. I thought, "Huh. I never realized the expression was literal." All of a sudden, we realized that the rumbling sound we were hearing was not diesel, but applause. We looked up, and we were in a huge stadium with the Fox News ensignia emblazoned everywhere. Cameras were on us, and hundreds of thousands of people were cheering us on. I asked the woman in front of me what was going on and why we weren't leaving. She said, "Oh! We have to wait a couple of days until Fox is ready to broadcast it. We'll wait here until their audience is satisfied."

The decisions about the occupation of Iraq aren't made with the safety of the troops in mind. They are made by a madman whose only consideration is keeping his warmongering followers happy.

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