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Friday, October 26, 2007

FEMA Decides They're Doing a Heckuva Job

From the Are You Fucking Kidding Me File:

FEMA stages fake news conference with P.R. people playing the role of journalists

Those weren't reporters questioning the deputy chief of FEMA earlier this week, they were federal employees playing the role of journalists during a televised briefing on the wildfires in southern California.

An agency spokesman tells The Washington Post that they didn't have time to wait for real reporters to come to their office near the U.S. Capitol. "We had been getting mobbed with phone calls from reporters, and this was thrown together at the last minute," Mike Widomski, FEMA's deputy director of public affairs, tells the paper.
This has been a horrible, horrible week for the victims of the wildfires in San Diego and the surrounding areas. How must they feel, knowing that their government is so disingenous, so terrified of its own constituents, that it feels it can't even face the milquetoast, cowed traditional media at a press conference? That its incompetence would blaze so bright that even Fox News Channel might be forced to point it out?

Perhaps they had a clue when Bush showed up for his 4-hour photo-op yesterday and said this:

"We've got a big problem out here," the president said near the end of his quick, four-hour visit. "We want the people to know there's a better day ahead - that today your life may look dismal, but tomorrow life's going to be better," Mr. Bush said. "And to the extent that the federal government can help you, we want to do so."
To the extent that the federal government can help you? We WANT to do so? Talk about parsing. Talk about the "meaning of 'is'." Gee, is it me, or does it seem that Bush actually promised NO HELP WHATSOEVER?

Yes, this is what you get when you buy into the neo-conservative idea that government shouldn't do anything to help people - a guy who thinks that the government shouldn't do anything to help people. Do we understand yet how bankrupt, how immoral, how completely and utterly WRONG this philosophy is? Or do the victims of Katrina and Rita have to be drowned all over again? Do more bridges have to collapse? Do we have to bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran, as John McCain would quip?

What is it going to take for the press to stop giving these neo-con, fascist freaks valuable time and money, to realize that their point of view is not valid and is, indeed, harmful to the United States - and for them to state these truths on the front page and on the Teevee?

The original story in the Washington Post was on page A-19, and I'll be shocked if any news program other than Countdown with Keith Olbermann picks it up. You'd think that fake news would be a huge story, reminding people of Pravda and all, but apparently, it's more important that Britney Spears did something or other today. Or was it Lindsay Lohan?

If I were a California resident who had lost my home, I would be both hopeful and pessimistic today. I'd be hopeful because the state has a Republican governor; but I'd be pessimistic because FEMA will not be coming to my aid. Not now, not ever - unless I want to live in a formaldehyde-ridden trailer. And that is a tragedy of American proportions.


Dirk Gently said...

howard kurtz addressed this story on reliable sources this morning. he had the always brilliant bob harris and the generally vapid "american princess" on.

princess thinks this was an isolated incident totally confined to the lower echelons of fema - the white house had nothing to do with it. she also thinks jeff gannon's press credentials were an isolated incident.

harris showed that he gets it: it is not an incident, it is an environment. a meme. an acceptable mode of operation.

like gannon. like armstrong. like the redacted cdc report. like the general cynical disdain the administration has for the press, the public, and the facts.

madamab said...

7 years too late, the sleeping, bought-off, intimidated media is finally connecting the dots.

Will it be soon enough to stop the bombing of Iran? I certainly hope so...

john said...

sometimes I am amazed by the blogs and postings I come across. Amazed by the rancor and cynical you cannot believe anything the Bush people say or from the right leaning you can't believe anything the clinton or obama crowd say. Based on both realms, no one has anything correct and what? What is the solution? Kennedy was elected over Nixon in 1960, camelot, moon shot, send more troops to vietnam, NOv 63, Johnson esalates the war but will not let the generals operate to win. Nixon is elected, scales back and brings troops home, paranoia - watergate, demos are so glad to expose the evil republicans, carter is elected in part because Ford is viewed as boring and clumsy, Carter presides over malaise, hyperflation, hostages in Iran - failure, he leaves office when Reagan (the dumb actor republican) is elected, Regan presides over a long economic growth, growing hope in America, faces down communism in Russia. Bush the elder is elected, fights GW 1, loses his nerve on taxes and loses to clinton. Clinton loses congress, finds an intern, defines the word is, launches missiles and fights in kosovo - pardons dozens of questionable people. Gore almost wins, and has whinned about it ever since, Bush presides, takes on terror and sadaam - and is viewed by most media that I have seen as incompetent and it is suggested as similar to Hitler. What gives people?

madamab said...

John, find one time the Bush administration has ever told the truth about anything.

I'll just wait here for about 50 years till you do.

If you're not cynical about the Bush administration, you're not paying attention.